Andrzej Wojnar

Andrzej Wojnar

Director of Optical Transceivers Department

A data transmission expert, who will put your network on the right track. An experienced manager with a broad background in technology, Andrzej has spent his entire professional life working in dynamic IT environments. At Salumanus, he looks inside bits and photons and sometimes even splits them. He is an engineer and manager with the soul of an artist. After work, he is an avid photographer and a student of the theoretical and practical aspects of oenology.


Day 1  11 October 2022
10:15 - 10:45
Power up! 400G – the technology of today,  800G – the technology of tomorrow.

Discover the secrets of the latest standards and find out how to build an optimal path for new, faster transmissions.

Day 1 11 October 2022
12:30 - 13:00
GBC Photonics Smart Recode Device – a real Luxtorpeda in optical transmission development.

How to stay independent and flexible in network management. Process optimisation in practice.

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