Grzegorz Róż
Grzegorz Róż
Director of Network Products Department

A manager and network expert, Grzegorz specialises in LANs and wireless connectivity. His passion is to build connections between the needs of the client, the integrator and the DCN brand.

Łukasz Sukiennik
Łukasz Sukiennik
Director of Transmission Systems Department

An xWDM enthusiast and automation engineer, he can talk about the most intricate projects in a very accessible way. A year ago, he took over the machine room of the Transmission Systems Department at Salumanus.

Andrzej Wojnar
Andrzej Wojnar
Director of Optical Transceivers Department

A data transmission expert, who will put your network on the right track. An experienced manager with a broad background in technology, Andrzej has spent his entire professional life working in dynamic IT environments.

Łukasz Bogdanik
Product Development

A specialist in intercontinental connections, Łukasz cooperates with optical module producers all over the world, analysing technology trends and translating them into product development.

Rafał Leśny
Rafał Leśny
Technical Support

An engineer at the Network Product Department, Rafał provides Salumanus clients with assistance to make sure their data transmission doesn’t get derailed and their data streams don’t get unexpectedly side-tracked.

Jakub Kolasiak
Junior Product

Part of a generation that no longer remembers a world without networks, Jakub is a talented and ambitious enthusiast of transmission systems, as well as an IT student who has been learning with Salumanus for the last three years.

Damian Pazulak
Product Manager

A product manager at the Network Product Department. Damian’s journey into LANs and wireless communication started around a year ago. At Salumanus, he manages a network product group with Wi-Fi access points and switches.

Michał Owca
Product Manager

An experienced product manager at the Optical Module Department. During the 15th Days of Light, Michał will take you on board a real Luxtorpeda in the world of optical module programming devices, i.e. the GBC Photonics Smart Recode Device.

Kacper Czarnecki
Technical Support Engineer

An engineer at the Network Product Department. An experienced implementation and servicing specialist, he has worked with networks for over ten years, making sure that data transmission runs according to schedule and preventing delays.



Marcin Bała
President of the Management Board Salumanus

A devoted preacher of the gospel of xWDM. His passion for network solutions is something he can talk about endlessly. A manager who successfully combines business, technology and effective company building, based on experience and a skilful analysis of the future of the sector.

Jarosław Gorczowski
Member of the Management Board of Salumanus | Director of the Sales Department

At Salumanus since 2012, he started out as a product manager and rose to the position of team leader after four years. He created and launched the B2B Salumanus Plus sales platform. In 2017, he was appointed as the Sales Director and has served as a Board Member since 2020.

Paweł Kuśmierski
Senior Manager
Networking Hardware & Software Engineering w Akamai

Graduate of Applied Computer Science at the Faculty of Physics of the Jagiellonian University. As Senior Manager of Engineering at Akamai Technologies, he is responsible for the selection of network technologies and software development for switches and routers.

Adam Sedlin
Head of Department Transport Network EXATEL

Experienced network manager and architect with an extensive technical background. More than 20 years of experience in the construction and operation of extensive fibre optic telecommunications networks.

Kamil Schild
Head of B2B Product UPC/PLAY

He has been professionally involved in telecommunications for 15 years. He started his adventure as a network administrator at a local operator, where he gained practical knowledge of network construction and operation.

Paweł Śmiechowski
Head of ORANGE Network Development Department

He has a 21-year career in telecommunications. Now he is responsible for Aggregation and Teletransmission Networks in Orange. urrently strongly interested in automation in service/network delivery and provisioning.